Do you feel that you're

getting poorer and poorer,

and life is getting harder and harder?


Are you working as hard as you can

but still not getting anywhere?

Dear friend,


You are not alone. Like you, I felt the same.


I followed what my parents and teachers taught me: Study hard. Go to university. Get a good job. Unfortunately I found out the hard way that even 12-hour days in a “good” job aren’t quite enough.


When push comes to shove, in the depths of the subprime crisis, I was let go in May 2009. They tell you it’s not performance-relate; it’s the economy. Still it hurts all the same. I wondered where did I go wrong? Was I not good enough?


One month after being retrenched, I am so grateful to have attended a one-day workshop How To Save & Accumulate $1 Million Dollars.

This was THE turning point in my life

Diligently applying what I have learnt, I am proud to say here's where I am today:


   * My family now spends about 70% less on insurance premiums – without losing any necessary coverage.

   * We have increased our opportunity fund by some 500% in 3 years.

   * As a result I no longer need a full-time job; now I run my own business.


And I'm NOT the only one with impressive results

“I have increased my investment opportunity fund

from S$20,000 in 2009 to S$80,000 by 2011.

This was achieved through a mindset change, financial prudence

and investments – all while not working full-time."

- Goh Chin Hong, 39, Teacher



“After attending How To Save & Accumulate One Million Dollars,

I save S$5,000 every year on insurance policies for my entire family!”

- Jimmy Lim, 44, IT professional


Now that I am free from the clutches of what is ultimately an insecure job, I choose to spend my time doing what is important to me. And one of them is helping others achieve financial freedom. Hence I made the decision to become one of the trainers for the very programme that helped me get to where I am today.


What's so DIFFERENT about this workshop?

I have to admit that this wasn’t the only seminar I had attended. Over a course of my decade-long working life, I have spent close to $30,000 on various seminars from Option Trading to Internet Marketing.


Most of the gurus hailed from the West. As you would expect, they were suave, charismatic and had a real gift of the gab. So at the end of each seminar, I was entertained and very impressed. But that’s about it.


I never made the kind of money they promised I would. In fact, quite often, I lost my hard earned cash. After all many of them are based on western models, and may not be totally applicable in locally.


That is until I attended How To Save & Accumulate $1 Million Dollars, available in English or Mandarin.

Click to maximise your coverage and minimise your premiums!

For Singapore, by Singaporeans

It is part of a seminar series that is truly ‘Made-in-Singapore’ featuring local trainers. We are not particularly suave or well spoken. But what we have is a real understanding and insight into the bread and butter issues of everyday living in Singapore.


More than that, we offer sound practical advice specifically designed to save you thousands of dollars every year. All this helps to jumpstart your journey towards financial freedom – all from a local Singaporean perspective. This means every little sliver of knowledge you learn can be applied right here, right now.

Learn a simple systematic approach

to becoming a millionaire in Singapore

In a full-day workshop on a Saturday (so you won’t need to take precious leave if you’re working a 5-day week), you will learn a tried-and-tested formula to becoming a millionaire in Singapore.


Our founder was the late Dennis Ng, a family man, married with 2 kids earning just an average of S$6000 a month in the first 10 years of his working life, and by age 39, he had became financially free. If he can do it, so can you.


How To Save & Accumulate One Million Dollars outlines the principles and strategies he had tried and tested, and proven that it works in Singapore. And it is taught in a simple way that anyone can understand and apply. It's time to get your financial house in order!







What insurance agents would never tell you


Which policy pays the highest commissions (Chances are, this is the first policy that most agents would recommend to you. Coincidence or not? You decide.)


Why most people in Singapore are paying a lot for insurance but may still be underinsured


What kind of insurance your parents, you and your children really actually need


How to maximize your coverage and minimize your premiums (This is my favourite part. This is where I learnt how to save 70% off my family's premiums without losing necessary coverage.)



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Here you will learn how to build an emergency fund so you will never be caught unprepared financially.





How much emergency funds do you need


Effective methods to build your emergency funds without getting a second job


Where to put your emergency funds


Whether to invest your emergency funds or not




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With your emergency funds set aside, you can now focus on how to grow those extra thousand of dollars saved through proper insurance planning. With compounding returns, those few thousand dollars a year could add up to a few hundred thousand or even a million by the time you reach your golden years.


One of the key roadblocks to your retirement is inflation. After all, wouldn’t you agree that things have really gotten a lot more expensive in recent times? That's why in the next segment, the workshop focuses on beating inflation through investing.


HDB, COE, ERP going higher?

Time to learn how to beat inflation


In this segment, you will uncover





What are the 3 steps to wealth


Why cashflow is NOT the answer 


How to make money from unit trusts


3 keys to stock investing


Which is better – stocks or property


Why the rich take housing loans even when they have the money


How to get richer by using good debts wisely


How to get cash out of your property without selling


Are there other investment vehicles that offer more than 5% annual returns





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But to get to where you want to go, you must first know where you are right now. Hence we also cover


Why the rich get richer,

and the poor get poorer


In this segment, you will uncover





What is your money mindset


How to think like the rich


What are the secrets of the rich, and why the rich keep getting richer


What is your current financial position that is: Your balance sheet


How much do you need for your retirement





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This full-day seminar also includes





165 printed and copyrighted slides


1 lunch & 2 tea breaks


A centrally located venue






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All in all, what you get is a rock solid foundation for achieving financial freedom in Singapore – with a plan to overcome even the most challenging roadblocks like escalating home and transport costs, job insecurity and the uncertainties of life like accidents and illness.





Why wait for the government to save the day?

You can do something for yourself RIGHT NOW


Because we are committed that we make a real difference to your financial future, this exclusive online offer is bundled with a full-day workshop PLUS a one-on-one review of your current financial and insurance portfolio on a separate day.


How much would it be worth to you to know that you have a concrete plan for your retirement (or early retirement if you like)? That your family will always be well taken care of in good times and in bad – regardless who is in power?


What price would you put on having the financial freedom to leave your job if you choose to and do what truly inspires you in life? Be it taking care of your own children yourself, travelling the world, or perhaps giving to those less fortunate.


What would life be like to be able to walk into any store and shop instead of window shop? To go into a restaurant and order based on your tastes rather than your budget?


Surely your peace of mind, love of life and all its liberties is worth more than 12 monthly interest-free instalments of S$42.25 or a one-time payment of S$507?


This investment package includes:













GRAND TOTAL S$507 or 12 monthly interest-free instalments* of S$42.25




* Only for those who charge this purchase to their DBS/POSB/UOB Credit Cards at our office.





Super Bonus #1. FREE Lifetime Membership To

The MasterYourFinance Forum worth S$365/year

Master Your Finance Forum

The members-only section is a treasure trove of insurance and investment gems for your continual education. This is also where you can ask unlimited number of questions that may arise as you go about implementing your financial plan after the seminar. How much could each answer be worth to you? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands?


In truth, this membership is actually priceless because it is only ‘by-invitation’ to our seminar graduates.





Super Bonus #2. FREE Monthly Mentoring Sessions

worth S$49 per session

Mentoring Session

Each 3-hour session is helmed by a different investing mentor or trainer. They will share with you their knowledge, insights and experiences in their area of expertise. Some memorable sessions include ’10 Rules of Investing in Property’ and  ‘Standing in the Middle of Bull and Bear’.





“The materials presented will cost thousands of dollars to attend and may not even come close in terms of (being) informative, in-depth and yet very simple to understand.”

- Wei Teck, 51, Seminar Graduate and Master Trainer





Here’s how the bonuses stack up with the full-day workshop and one-one-one insurance and portfolio review:








LIFETIME MONTHLY INVESTING MENTORING SESSIONS                     S$49 per session  x 10/year





In total, this package is worth thousands!


Because I have been through the programme, I am so certain that what you gain will so far exceed what you pay that we are willing to offer you an unconditional money-back guarantee.





With our money-back guarantee,

you literally have nothing to lose!



That’s right. Take up our offer risk-free. Come attend our full-day workshop 'How To Save & Accumulate One Million Dollars’ and if by lunchtime, you are not completely satisfied, we will give you back your money. No questions asked. (In fact, have lunch on us and mull it over during the lunch break.)


It’s that simple.


The choice is yours: You either want to be financially secure with at least a million dollar, or you don’t. But if you don’t, good luck with surviving in Singapore, now one of the world’s richest countries.


But if you’re serious about securing your financial future in Singapore, then you really only have one choice. Whip out your wallet, get your credit card, and invest the S$42.06 a month for 12 months or a one-time payment of S$505.


But remember…the longer you wait, the longer you will be constrained by needless financial worries.





Take decisive action RIGHT NOW and be rewarded!


Super Bonus #4. FREE immediate download of the classic best-seller The Science Of Getting Rich retailing S$18.90 in bookstores





Your fellow Singaporean,

Serene Sng-Loong


P.S. Still hesitating? Remember - he who snoozes, loses.


Just think about how much you are losing if you do not attend How To Save & Accumulate S1 Million Dollars.

For instance, did you know that there is a good chance you are overpaying for your insurance?


I say this because so many of our graduates are now enjoying savings of 20%, 50% or more off their insurance premiums every year after attending our workshop.


In fact my family saved a staggering 70% off our premiums after this programme. That’s more than S$10,000 of savings every year for a mere one-time payment of a few hundred dollars!


That’s not all. Using the strategies taught in the programme, I have increased my opportunity fund by 500% in a mere 4 years.


And today I have the freedom to choose not to work in the same industry that retrenched me in 2009, and be free to pursue my own interests and dreams.





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To help you take action right now, we are also including THREE very powerful FREE super bonuses that will jumpstart your journey to financial freedom.





Do yourself a favour: Click to enjoy this comprehensive financial make-over!

* Only for those who charge this purchase to their DBS/POSB/UOB Credit Cards at our office.





Click to think and grow rich! Click to beat inflation! Click to always be financially prepared!

Another example of how we keep things easy to understand is the use of analogies.


We say that financial planning is like a game of football. In order to win either games, you need to score. At the same time, you also need to defend. And, in financial planning, defence is made up of



In this segment, you will uncover the truth about insurance in Singapore





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TOTAL VALUE                                              S$1,803


BUT YOU ONLY NEED TO PAY                                                                   S$507   OR





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I am truly excited that you will be receiving this gem of a book. I know it's true value because after reading it in 2005, I quit the job I had then. Two months later, by applying what the book taught, I was offered another job that paid me twice as much! I wonder what you could create in your life by applying the principles in this book.


Coupled with what you can get out of How To Save & Accummulate One Million Dollars, your future could be completely unrecocognizable!


The only question is whether you will take massive action for yourself and your loved one right now.




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Finally discover why Khaw Boon Wan paid only $8 in cash

for open-heart surgery, and how you can too. Choi!

Sorry R. Kiyosaki!We believe there's a BETTER way!

Because when you truly understand why the poor get poorer, and the rich get richer, you can get out of the middle-class sandwich and out of the rat race to discover what it means to live life on your own terms ­– doing what you want when you want, to protect and provide for your loved ones and even have the time and money to contribute to your community.





Your future depends on many things. But most of all – yourself!

Here's where you can ask question after question after question... for life!

We believe in continuous and never-ending learning! And we'll sponsor you!

Because we know  this works!

The Science Of Getting Rich How a million looks like in the bookstore

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Unstable Financial House Stable Financial House

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12 interest-free

instalments of      

S$42.25 !!!